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Add third post about DRM leases
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Update comments about dietlibc
Add blog post about newlib and avr-libc hacking
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Add another post on AltOS Lisp
Update links in Altos lisp post
Add AltOS Lisp post
capitalize Subaru
Add article on mounting brake controller
Add blog entry about udevwrap
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Add link to lwn article containing chaoskey driver
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Add blog post about chaoskey release
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Add altos 1.6.3 blog
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Add notmuch+calypso post
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Add CC SA Attrib license to the machine architecture image
Add HP logo to TM architecture diagram
Eliminate fonts from architecture drawing
Add web font reference for the machine architecture
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Add blog tag for hp
Blog post about machine architecture
Add Altos 1.6 release post
Note about employment switch
Add MST monitors post
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Reword some of the present-compositor post
Add blog posting about improving present compositoring
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Add black friday 2014 entry
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Blog about glamor janitorial adventures